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A simple sweater brown color great choice for those who prefer classical style in clothes. Loose fit and minimalism.

6500.00 руб.
Jacket beige Italy

One size to 50. Simple blouse with short sleeve. Sleeve lightweight bat. Calm beige color. Shallow round neckline.

5200.00 руб.

One size 44-50. Spectacular Italian jacket that you can wear with a shirt or a thin turtleneck. Looks nice, comfortable. It is warm and cozy.

3000.00 руб.
Out of stock

Single size from 44 to 48. Jumper dark green color, size one size. Looks great with a shirt or a thin turtleneck.

3000.00 руб.
Out of stock

One size, to 48. Dark blue color is a classic, is absolutely everything. Jacket solid, inside-out knit. Without pictures. The whole effect in the cut and the bow on the back.

6000.00 руб.
Out of stock

One size to 50. Pastel colors are always fashionable and up to date, refresh the face. Jumper with bat sleeve sits beautifully, looks good with pants and with skirt. Delicate and feminine.

6000.00 руб.
Out of stock
One size to 48. Blue jumper with braids. Beautiful and deep blue color. A semicircular cutout, a small rounded side slits.
6300.00 руб.
Out of stock

One size. From 44 to 50. Thin sweater with round neckline, simple straight cut, on the sides of the small incisions. The back is slightly longer than the front.

6000.00 руб.
Out of stock

Italian jumper made of thin boucle yarn. Color melange, combination light brown with white and black inclusions. Polugruppy shallow crew neck.

6000.00 руб.
Out of stock

One size from 42 to 48. Jacket with a plunging neckline. You can omit the shoulders and neckline will be. Nicely hugs the figure. This jacket can be worn separately, can be weared with a shirt.

5500.00 руб.
Out of stock

Delicate and very feminine cardigan. Looks nice with turtlenecks and thin blouses with long sleeves.

3000.00 руб.
Out of stock

One size, to 48. Beautiful and elegant cardigan fits well and looks nice with pants and with skirt. Color melange, a combination of black and taupe. Embellished with tonal sequins in a delicate tone base color.

6500.00 руб.
Out of stock

Jumper with print. An interesting hybrid model. Back and sleeves made from a simple solid material, and the front of a silky fabric with a pattern.

4200.00 руб.
Out of stock

A large knitted sweater with slits on the sides. Looks good and very comfortable. Chunky knit is actual not the first season.

3600.00 руб.
Out of stock

One size, from 44 to 50. Green sweater with lurex. Simple straight silhouette, round neckline, small pocket. The back slightly longer than front.

6300.00 руб.
Out of stock