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Varnish women bag of a rigid form. Big and capacious. It is possible to carry A4 format documents. Ideal option for office. .

6950.00 руб.
Out of stock

White leather Flioraj bag capacious and convenient. The bag with two handles, also in a set is a long belt. Primary color of a bag the white. 

8900.00 руб.
Out of stock

Red bag with a stamping under a reptile изготовлнеа from a genuine leather. Convenient and beautiful. 

7700.00 руб.
Out of stock

Flioraj bag with a stamping under a snake бежево - brown color. Bag easy and convenient. On the face the bag is decorated small клепками. 

6750.00 руб.
Out of stock

Bag with suede finishing on the long handle. Ochn interesting model. Big, capacious, it is executed from a soft genuine leather. 

7200.00 руб.
Out of stock

The varnished bag with a stamping under a reptile. Very beautifully looks, easy and convenient. 

8150.00 руб.
Out of stock

Bag with a photoprint. On the picture London is represented. The bag is made of artificial skin. Stylish and fashionable, easy and capacious. 

3500.00 руб.
Out of stock

Bag with a photoprint from an imitation leather. On a handbag one of ancient constructions of Paris, Notre-Dame (Notr-Dam-de-Pari) is represented.

3550.00 руб.
Out of stock

Business women bag of a rigid form with a stamping under a snake. The bag easy and convenient, is closed on a lightning, inside two office, a pocket a partition on lightnings, a small pocket on lightnings and two open pockets. 

8450.00 руб.
Out of stock

The bright bag with drawing is executed from a genuine leather. Drawing abstraction, bright stains. Very beautifully looks. Interesting combination of flowers. 

8150.00 руб.
Out of stock

Red female handbag from a genuine leather. Very womanly and nice. Small size and very interesting form. Bag with two handles.

7200.00 руб.
Out of stock