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Welcome to the world of Italian fashion! Traditional Italian clothing is the best quality and design. Here you can choose stylish and elegant things. The Italians are a very popular size "one size" or one size. This has many explanations. Us in such things is very convenient! The loose silhouette and the lack of size gives the opportunity to enjoy the thing for many years, it will be relevant in any age of the owner. Have gained weight or lost weight? No problem! You can still wear your favourite blouse, dress or skirt. Italian clothing selection of items of size "one size" is huge. Come to our store will choose and try. Or order in our online store.

Italian autumn clothing (87)
Summer clothes (82)

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Lightweight summer blouse made of silk is a wonderful option for hot days. The loose cut and flying material makes this model light and airy.

5700.00 руб.

One size, ideal to 52. Anka summer blouse the perfect choice for the warm season. Light, delicate, fits well. The fluid material. On a blue background blue stars.

3750.00 руб.

One size, perfect to 56. Summer blouse made of silk looks nice with pants and with skirt. Beautiful color, monochrome, light khaki. Front delicate embroidered.

6500.00 руб.

Size one size, to 52. Soft and silky summer shirt looks stylish and beautiful. Can be worn with pants or skirt.

5300.00 руб.

One size, Jalna to 54. Shirt free cut with stars. Round collar, drawstring bottom, you can slightly tighten. Lowered the shoulder, half sleeve, can be cuffed to grab the pull tab.

5000.00 руб.

Size one size, to 52. Blue silky summer shirt looks stylish and beautiful. Can be worn with pants or skirt.

5300.00 руб.

One size to 48. Elegant dress with lurex. Made in Italy. A great choice for a festive evening. . Dress made from bouclé weave. Appropriate always and everywhere.

4100.00 руб.

A simple sweater brown color great choice for those who prefer classical style in clothes. Loose fit and minimalism.

6500.00 руб.

One size, perfect to 56. Dress light Burgundy color looks impressive and stylish. The dress is made of flax, the bottom made of silk. Round neckline, small cuffs.

8000.00 руб.

One size to 50. Cute Bolero indispensable thing in the wardrobe. You can wear the dress to the shirt, to wear with pants and with skirt.

4250.00 руб.

One size to 48. White and grey cardigan. Soft, delicate. White and gray, faux fur look luxurious. Can be worn as outerwear, is also indispensable in the office when it's cold.

4250.00 руб.

One size 44-50. Spectacular Italian jacket that you can wear with a shirt or a thin turtleneck. Looks nice, comfortable. It is warm and cozy.

3000.00 руб.

One size to 50. Cardigan stylish and necessary in the wardrobe thing. Can be worn with a dress, with pants, with a skirt. Cardigan two tone, combination grey and black.

9000.00 руб.

One size, to 48. Interesting and necessary in every woman's wardrobe thing. The cardigan is dark blue yarn. Without buttons.

5500.00 руб.

One size to 50. Cardigan light grey pearl color practical and convenient thing. You can wear a dress, shirt, blouse and t-shirt. Looks good with skirt and with trousers.

4250.00 руб.

Dress Italian pistachio color, sleeveless. Asymmetric skirt, shorter in front, long at the back.

7400.00 руб.
Green cardigan Italy

One size, to 50. Spectacular cardigan pistachio color with chiffon lining. Nice color, subtle, elegant. Chiffon insert cardigan makes air. Looks nice with a dress, skirt and pants.

8300.00 руб.

Single size from 44 to 48. Jumper dark green color, size one size. Looks great with a shirt or a thin turtleneck.

3000.00 руб.
Grey tunic Taffi Italy

One size, from 48 to 54. 56 is possible. Taffi dress sits perfectly on any figure. Hides all the flaws. Beautiful and nice material. Interesting style.

7500.00 руб.

Shirt khaki long sleeve asymmetric hem t - shirt dress with tail resembles a tuxedo.

6700.00 руб.

Striped dress long sleeve three quarter bat. Comfortable summer dress for women with curvaceous.

Out of stock

Size 52-58. Light summer jacket slim parka without lining, dark grey colour.

6700.00 руб.

Size 52-58. Light summer jacket slim parka without lining, light grey color.

6700.00 руб.

Dark blue women pants casual elastic.  One size to 52.

6500.00 руб.
Jacket beige Italy

One size to 50. Simple blouse with short sleeve. Sleeve lightweight bat. Calm beige color. Shallow round neckline.

5200.00 руб.

One size, to 48. Dark blue color is a classic, is absolutely everything. Jacket solid, inside-out knit. Without pictures. The whole effect in the cut and the bow on the back.

6000.00 руб.
One size to 48. Blue jumper with braids. Beautiful and deep blue color. A semicircular cutout, a small rounded side slits.
6300.00 руб.

One size. From 44 to 50. Thin sweater with round neckline, simple straight cut, on the sides of the small incisions. The back is slightly longer than the front.

6000.00 руб.

One size, to 48. Beautiful and elegant cardigan fits well and looks nice with pants and with skirt. Color melange, a combination of black and taupe. Embellished with tonal sequins in a delicate tone base color.

6500.00 руб.

Jumper with print. An interesting hybrid model. Back and sleeves made from a simple solid material, and the front of a silky fabric with a pattern.

4200.00 руб.

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