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Handbags and backpacks, business portfolios and plates: high-quality and cheap leather goods boutique in Moscow

Women are divided into constantly watching fashion and those who choose clothes and accessories practical, with the expectation of many years of analyzing fashion trends windy last. Those and others agree on one thing: the bag of skin - it's always a trend and practical, reliable and aesthetically pleasing.
High-quality leather bags for everyone

On the ground, changing centuries and epochs, and this key accessory has always paid special attention to and among all peoples. Leather bags were and are a sign of consistency. Buy them in the old days could afford not everyone, but only respectable and wealthy ladies.

Today everything has changed: the acquisition of a strong and beautiful, solid and elegant leather products ever available. They are bought by people with different incomes, if the look in our boutique of accessories is ideally located in the heart of Moscow. The collection includes:

comfortable, youth shoulder bags of different sizes, which are suitable for study and work;
Products for business women, including gorgeous suede and leather pads, business portfolio;
elegant ladies' accessories for celebrations, which will be the subject of admiration and envy of others.

Are you interested in a leather bag? On our shelves are always presented a nice selection of spacious, but elegant products at low prices. Open them, and you will realize that there will be a place for your cosmetic and gadgets, as well as all that loves to carry and present a modern woman! They will be pleased to go to school or to work, to go shopping or nature.

We offer models that are always perfectly with any style of clothing of our customers. Above their design worked real masters! The magnificent appearance developers to join practicality Considered reliable, modern and comfortable fastening niche pockets. All bags are provided in the store, are functional.
Wide range of leather bags, briefcases, backpacks at affordable cost

We invite all lovers of luxury accessories look in our shop. Collections are updated regularly. We endeavor to expand the model line, and provide a rich selection of both fashionistas and admirers of classics. High-quality bag made of genuine leather, purchased from us:

always perfect and harmonious;
It plays an important role in the formation of your image;
It raises the status of mistress in the eyes of others;
for many years and is always happy beautiful appearance.

Almost every bag ladies versatile and suitable for different situations. If you can not afford to just two accessory for everyday and special occasions, our consultants will help you choose and buy a bag of the right size, color, functionality that will solve all the issues at once.

Thanks to the close and long-standing cooperation with suppliers and manufacturers of women's handbags, briefcases, tablets, backpacks leather calf, morocco, suede, patent, we get a very favorable purchasing conditions. This invariably affects the final cost of high-quality products. All of them certified and sold with a manufacturer's warranty.

Buy a leather bag in our store, evaluate its quality and style! Your feelings will change. With this accessory, you will feel complete confidence.

Women bags (18)

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3600.00 руб.

Soft beige bag with two small handles. Barrel bag is comfortable and roomy.

10500.00 руб.

Женская сумка важный и нужный аксессуар. Предлагаем симпатичную модель из искусственной кожи. Нежный салатовый цвет. Белая строчка. Сумка с двумя ручками, можно носить в руках или на сгибе руки.

4300.00 руб.

Красная сумка стильный и модный аксессуар. Добавит яркости вашем образу. Сумка классической формы, две небольшие ручки. Можно носить в руках или на сгибе руки. Очень легкая.

4300.00 руб.

Brown bag with two soft wide leather handles. Simple, comfortable and elegant, comfortable and functional.

9900.00 руб.
Out of stock

Рыжая мужская сумка Cose Da Uomo легкая и удобная. Размер сумки позволяет носить документы формата А4 и ноутбук. Сумка с двумя ручками, также в комплекте есть длинный ремень. Снаружи, на лицевой стороне есть два кармана на молнии. Сумка закрывается на молнию.

10000.00 руб.
Out of stock
3600.00 руб.
Out of stock
3950.00 руб.
Out of stock
3700.00 руб.
Out of stock
3750.00 руб.
Out of stock

Brown bag Palio is a great option for the office. Bag holds its shape well.

8500.00 руб.
Out of stock

Combination of leather bag with external pockets. Primary color is black, the upper part is brown.

8200.00 руб.
Out of stock

Coral beige bag with handles made ​​of leather stylish and colorful accessory. The bag is comfortable and roomy. Severe form, nothing more.

10300.00 руб.
Out of stock

Aqua bag. Beautiful, fashionable, lightweight and comfortable. Bag Palio has taken into account all the needs of the consumer.

9900.00 руб.
Out of stock

Bag Palio perkrasny choice! Soft leather, great quality and comfort. This model provides all that is necessary for a woman. Outside, on the back side, there is a zip pocket.

9800.00 руб.
Out of stock

Red leather bag made ​​of genuine leather is beautiful and comfortable. The bag is big enough, you can wear a folder of A4 format.

9900.00 руб.
Out of stock

Chestnut leather bag with embossed reptile classical forms. Lightweight, comfortable and roomy. 

10200.00 руб.
Out of stock

Классическая сумка из натуральной кожи с тиснением под рептилию. Жесткая форма. Приятный коричневый цвет. Такой цвет подходит ко многой одежде. Сумка удобная, хороший размер, две небольшие ручки, сумку носят в руках или на сгибе руки. Дополнительно, для Вашего удобства, есть длинный ремень.

10800.00 руб.
Out of stock