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22 сентября 2012
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All about beanie hats.

In this article I want to tell you about the cap - bini.


The name comes from the word beanie, translated from English - this is a "cap."


Bini is a hat, in the model of which there are no straps and buckles, but at the same time it keeps on the head without any difficulties due to tight fit.

The first models appeared in the 20s of the last century in England and they were worn by workers who spent a lot of time on the street. These are various handymen, loaders, mechanics. In the 40s, students of universities and colleges began to wear a hat. By the headdress one could understand from which educational institution the student. Over time, the bini moved into the everyday wardrobe, especially loved by their grunge style fans. And the last 10 years they are almost all.


This is a simple and versatile model that fits a variety of images and has been popular for many years in a row. It is easy to put on, straighten and even wear a mirror.

The cap is convenient and practical, it is an option for every day and out. Bini has many variations. You can always choose the right model.

Caps are tight to the head, and looser, with a hanging free edge, the model can have a lapel, “ears”, a pompon. They can be made of thick or thin yarn, large-knit, with decorative braids or very simple and concise, knitted facial or purl stitch. Spring and summer models can be made of fleece, fine knitwear and cotton.


Let us consider in more detail the models and styles of beanie caps.


- Baggy hats, with a hanging free edge, they are often called the cap of the cap. Made of various materials and yarns, the loose edge can be effectively folded into the fold at the back of the head or left hanging carelessly.


- Caps oversize. For these models is characterized by large knitting, thick yarn. They look spectacular and stylish. The larger the mating, the more interesting the model. This cap is better to choose in a single color.


- Cap with lapel. Popular and versatile model. The cuff is thick and thin, single and double, due to this the product looks more voluminous. These caps are very warm, as several layers retain heat perfectly.


- Cap shovel. It is made of thick yarn, so that it keeps the shape, as they wear this model without bending.


- Hat with pompom. Cheerful and sweet. It gives an image of playfulness. Pompons are large and small, from fur and from wool.


- Minimalist beanie is always the easiest knitting and the absence of any decor.


- Bini are and with decorative elements. These are rhinestones, embroideries, applications.


- Caps with ears are popular not the first season. Flirty model. A great option for women and girls who love originality. This hat looks cute and interesting, and I must say, very many to the face.


- Bilateral beanies. They can be worn on either side. In the product there is no inside. The face and the wrong side of a different color. It seems that you have two different hats. A great option for those who love variety and practicality. You can experiment and create different images.


The color scale is various and diverse. What are just no options. Classic monophonic - they never go out of fashion and are easily combined with different colors in clothes. These are white, beige, gray and black colors. Popular blue, burgundy and green caps. Effectively melange models look. Looks nice hats with a smooth transition of colors, gradient.

Cap yarn is also diverse. Wool, mohair, angora, mixed yarn, viscose.


I have been working with hats for a long time and almost always hear from the client: “I don’t wear hats, I don’t wear them”. Believe me, hats go to everyone. You just need to find your model. Choosing a beanie cap, it is worth considering some nuances.

- All models go to girls and women with the correct face shape. In this case, you need to pay attention to the color and style of the model to fit the clothes.

- Chunky ladies are ideally suited for large-knit hats and caps with a lapel. They balance proportions. Models of fine yarn is contraindicated. You can also feel free to try hats with a pompon.

- Ladies with large chins are ideal for models with a lapel.

You can try baggy loose caps.


- It is somewhat more difficult for owners of bangs to choose a hat, since most of them are worn low over their eyebrows. Ladies with bangs do not want to hide their hair. In this situation, try to wear a hat firing. Experiment.