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About us

Магазин Кожмаг находится в Пятницком Пассаже вблизи метро НовокузнецкаяShop Comag is in p'yatnyts'ke Passage near Novokuznetskaya metro station, in the historic centre pedestrian zone of Moscow, Zamoskvorechye, for centuries famous for its shopping rows, not the exception, and our little boutique, with many telling title!

The photo gallery can be viewed here.

Always a good range of women's clothing made in Italy, women's handbags, all the goods of excellent quality and at reasonable prices, everything you need in order to always be stylish.. Range of women's handbags

Leather gloves from Europe differ in quality lambskin leather and perfectly fit the hand, not constraining movement, gloves accentuate the elegance of women's and handles will complement any accessory!

Заколки для волос от Европейских производителейOur store offers over a thousand excellent French hairpins and Italian umbrellas. Hair clips from European manufacturers

Shop "Komag" offers its customers Italian women's clothing, to size 60, with weekly updating of the collection. A wide range of handbags, briefcases, gloves and belts made of genuine leather from European manufacturers.

To buy the goods in our shop is possible in cash, by credit card directly to the address Sadovnichesky proezd 6. Similarly, the remotely, to any region of Russia and abroad using the Russian post or EMS Express delivery!

On the website Komag.Russia, always a huge selection of Italian clothing, dresses, tunics, sweaters, pullovers, jumpers, skorts, jackets, coats, Italian silk scarves, knitted hats scarves and snudy, leather gloves are of excellent quality and at reasonable prices.

Classic, modern design and cut, women's and men's bags, complemented with quality fittings. Various colors, will not leave indifferent even the most demanding customers: from black and grey to bright yellow or red, rich colors of cognac and dark chocolate, the options are beige and bright white, light sand color and camel.

A variety of shapes and sizes of bags.

You can easily pick up the correct model: a modern business lady handbags with compartment for tablet computer orАссортимент женских сумок business portfolios that incorporated the elegance and simplicity of the design, and a young girl, we are proud to offer elegant and original bags with pretensions to high fashion.

The collection of briefcases for men, made in the austerity, with a special charm,distinguished by brutality and at the same time the elegance of a London dandy.

Shop Komag presents every season new collections of men's and women's fashion handbags, excellent quality, only the finest grades of leather. A variety of styles and sizes of bags, clutches, bags, and trendy merchandise to Your unique outfit: gloves of deer-skin, leather cosmetic bags, wallets, purses, covers for documents, and more from classic to modern, will help add to Your shape European charm!

Products offered by Komagome, you'll be exquisite refinement, the original texture of the products has emphatic elegance and perfection beneficial complement your image and will make femininity, mystery, or rigor to your image.

Our specialists have tried to create Komag most convenient for You. To each client we find an individual approach, creating the most favorable conditions and comfort. High quality and affordable prices of our products will not leave anyone indifferent, cormag.Russia will help to emphasize Your modern style.

The friendly staff of the shop, always happy to oblige and supporting on any item of the goods.